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Sustainable solutions

Having hands and feet on the ground makes a difference in understanding the life of the farmers and the day-to-day challenges.A recent example of it has been on the vegetable greenhouses with the association of women working on the production of tomatoes, chilies, and cucumbers. Women began experimenting with local waste material to add to

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A productive and successful day in the field! Our team in Côte d’Ivoire in collaboration with the MinEF of the Nawa region carried out a full day of planting indigenous forest trees. This time a restoration project of the community forest called DIDEHI in Oupoyo-Bété. Almost 1,000 trees were planted in one day!.

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FarmStrong Foundation is committed to ensure traceable cocoa. One of the cornerstones of our work is transparency. Our KYC (Know-Your-Customer) starts with the cocoa farmers, the farms, and the beans. The cocoa beans sourced through the programs are grown by known, ID validated farmers, on verified mapped farms, on confirmed appropriate farm land. FarmStrong use PCR CC1 software

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Empowering women

Last year, 769 women were part of local women’s associations and actively working in the greenhouses.Yoro Jocelyne, member of an association of 40 women in Petit Tiémé, Côte D’Ivoire:“We built a greenhouse in 2018. We grow tomatoes and chili peppers. This allows me to feed my children and my family, and we sell the remainder.Thanks

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