Empowering women

Last year, 769 women were part of local women’s associations and actively working in the greenhouses.
Yoro Jocelyne, member of an association of 40 women in Petit Tiémé, Côte D’Ivoire:
“We built a greenhouse in 2018. We grow tomatoes and chili peppers. This allows me to feed my children and my family, and we sell the remainder.
Thanks to this project we now know how to manage the crops, I even planted some at home. I harvest and cook at home”
“ The irrigation system has helped us a lot. Every morning we just need to open the water pump and the plants are irrigated automatically. This system allows us to come home, to work in the fields, help our husbands, and do our daily activities. Thanks to this automatic system, we don’t have to carry basins or irrigate by hand »

At the end of 2020, women showed an outstanding step towards autonomy in the production of the vegetables.
These greenhouses are a mechanism to strengthen nutritional resources to prevent nutritional deficiencies which can cause health issues in children and to help to get and keep children in the education system by supplying the vegetables to school canteens.