The FarmStrong Foundation is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation registered under Swiss jurisdiction, officially recognised for its activities in the public interest, based in in Epalinges and has a permanent team in Ivory Coast.

FarmStrong Foundation, established in 2016, is a Swiss Public Interest Foundation promoting resilient, structured, rural economic development, through integrated agricultural production systems, while contributing to securing basic human needs and fundamental human rights and protecting the environment.

This unique combination is the result of the FarmStrong integrated and systemic approach to sustainable rural economic development, based on an in-depth situational analysis. This translates into a series of integrated economic, social, and environmental key interventions on community level, going beyond the traditional supply chain approaches, impacting positively farmers families  as well as the populations in a wider sense .

“If poverty is part of the problem, then education is part of the solution."

As a result, the traditional components focusing on the improvement of agricultural production’s profitability (food and cash crops) are enhanced with systematic tailored social, gender, health, water & food security, nutrition, energy, and broader environmental management modules.

We measure our long-term impact

We value our field partnership with the farmers on the ground as they are a key to safeguard tomorrow’s supply of food and cocoa

We undertake Measurement & Evaluation studies and impact assessments


We facilitate partnerships between producers and consumers through the pooling of the interests and challenges of both partners under one program