World Day Against Child Labour 2020

The United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child is an important agreement by countries, who have promised to protect children’s rights. It was signed into force on 2 September 1990.

Despite of 30 years of governmental, corporate and philanthropic commitments, the Rights of the Child are still not universally respected by the signees, with ChildLabour remaining a critical global issue.

Child Labour should not exist but eradicating it as a single issue, has proven to be very difficult if not approached in a holistic way with all stakeholders involved. Also, the mere presence of Child Labour is often an indicator of other deeper or widespread social and economic issues often with a geographical component.

In view of better protecting children in general, FarmStrong Foundation introduced its Community Child Protection System (CCPS) which is a systemic approach based within rural communities to build capabilities and trust. A rural community-centred approach to uproot the root causes that lead to Child Labour while monitoring for it; by strengthening social and support systems within communities including empoweringwoman and their community involvement, improving access to hygiene, health & nutrition and assure a civil registration. Birth certificates permit access to formal and officially recognized education.

FarmStrongFoundation is committed to uproot the root causes for Child Labour for good and make the invisible visible.