VSLA in Côte d’Ivoire

Women are key drivers of change and development in rural communities. They are responsible for managing households, reproductive tasks, caring for children and providing a more than significant share of the farm, and collecting firewood and water. At the same time, they are the key ingredient to achieve lasting changes in the communities. As such, …

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Co2 sequestration

CO2 Sequestration

Since we started 7 years ago, we have been planting shade trees in cocoa plantations of our farmers in the Nawa region of Côte d’Ivoire. We have been seeing them grow year by year, produced biomass and sequestrating CO2. The speed of growth in these tropical conditions is phenomenal. Here is a Cedrela tree only …

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2,000 trees planted along Comoé River

Continuing with the indigenous tropical tree planting initiative, along the Comoé River in the Dalo area, Abengourou region, 2,000 trees were planted. The head of the Abengourou Water and Forestry department, the village chief, and young people from Dalo carried out the plantation of the indigenous tree species: Poé, Fraké, Bois bété.

Creating environmental awareness

The FarmStrong Foundation team, under the banner of its Swiss supported Green Nawa Landscape Initiative has started an important awareness raising campaign involving the region’s school children and teachers. In addition to the knowledge transfer of the importance of trees, climate, and environmental issues in general, together we have started to plant indigenous trees in their playground …

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Sustainable solutions

Having hands and feet on the ground makes a difference in understanding the life of the farmers and the day-to-day challenges.A recent example of it has been on the vegetable greenhouses with the association of women working on the production of tomatoes, chilies, and cucumbers. Women began experimenting with local waste material to add to …

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A productive and successful day in the field! Our team in Côte d’Ivoire in collaboration with the MinEF of the Nawa region carried out a full day of planting indigenous forest trees. This time a restoration project of the community forest called DIDEHI in Oupoyo-Bété. Almost 1,000 trees were planted in one day!.