An in-depth situation analysis, ensuring a local socio-economic and environmental understanding of challenges faced.


Improving small-scale farmer’s economic and financial well-being requires more than a “certified, cash crop  productivity” approach.  This explains why FarmStrong Foundation programs are “real rural economy” based. While being environmentally conscious, they are designed to maximize farmer’s net economic income, taking into account the labour input required to obtain the income, social welfare and strengthen the local economy. 

FarmStrong Foundation initiatives can include components such as labour reduction  activities reduction through improved infrastructures, local business development  

through micro-financing, health prevention programs, reducing sickness, and work incapacity, administrative regularisation procedures to ensure children can attend school, local waste management programs and water conservation management approach, and much more. 

As a result, the traditional agricultural components focusing on the improvement of basic agricultural production are enhanced with systematic tailored social, gender, health, water & food security, nutrition, energy, and broader environmental restoration activities.