Supporting rural communities in their development challenges and improving smallholder families’ livelihoods

FarmStrong Foundation focusses on designing, implementing, and monitoring and evaluating sustainable integrated agricultural & production systems combined with  rural community development programs, in cacao producing countries.

FarmStrong Foundation unique programs are the result of an integrated and systemic approach to sustainable rural economic development, which are based on 6 key pillars.

People first, an independent smallholder family farm approach, starts with the human factor, at the center of an enhanced sustainable agriculture development programme

In depth understanding historical, social-economic and cultural context allowing real impactful compliance

Women are the change-agents for development, women are the pivots in any adoption process. A strong focus on tailored women driven community development initiative

Training and support for self-employment through green jobs

Restore and protect the natural capital, engage in community based environmental stewardship

Satellite-based LiDAR calibrated land-use change tools, two way traceability, unique vegetation gain and biomass monitoring