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The FarmStrong Foundation, a non-profit public interest organisation, leverages its own staff, expertise and over 20 years of experience in cocoa producing countries to make significant contributions to the work and lives of cocoa farmers, their families, and their communities. FarmStrong also serves as the board member representing NGOs on the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa (SWISSCO), and since July 2021, is also the Swiss delegate in the ISCO Civil Society Organisations (CSO) group.

Kouamé has been a cocoa farmer in Cote d’Ivoire for over ten years.

More recently, he has become much more than a cocoa farmer. To diversify his income, he started a pig and poultry farm at his home near Soubré in rural Cote d’Ivoire. Rather than depending solely on the seasonal income accruing from cocoa, the creation of a poultry and pig farm would enable him to earn a higher net year-round income for his household, as well as provide nutritional benefits to the local communities.

On January 23rd, 41 players from the Swiss cocoa and chocolate sector, including FarmStrong Foundation, joined forces to form the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa.

The objective of the new platform is to bring together organisations from the private sector, public sector, civil society and research institutes to promote sustainability in the cocoa sector. The member organisations – which include the association CHOCOSUISSE and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) – aim to considerably improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers and to create an attractive cocoa sector for current and future generations.