Naomi Hendriksz is the department secretary of the IB section at the International School Eindhoven in the Netherlands. She was born in Spain, lived in France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She studied Spanish in Barcelona and Office Management in the Netherlands. Naomi travelled to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and South Africa. She worked for a charity in Mpumalanga (RSA), an organisation helping orphans and children in need.

Naomi is fluent in four languages, Dutch, English, French and Spanish.

Marc Parren has more than 30 years of experience in tropical forestry mainly in West- and Central-Africa. He is well aware of the problems facing the tropical forests in these zones and the need to balance between the needs of the local human population and the pressure exerted by several parties on the natural resources. He has been engaged in finding sustainable solutions for managing these resources whether for timber production, pure conservation goals or for restoration after degradation. This also includes getting more trees in farms and at the larger landscape level, a topic he worked on before in several countries in Central Africa.

André D’Azevedo is a versatile professional with more than 20 years’ experience on auditing, consulting and compliance. André’s international career had taken him away from his native Brazil to hold leading positions in EMEA and APAC where he managed teams and projects in over 30 countries across these regions. Having worked the majority of his career in one of agriculture’s ABCD corporations, André has a first hand understanding of the challenges and possibilities related to agricultural products value creation chain. André is a firm believer that the world’s ever increasing need for food can and need to be met with sustainability and good work conditions as a pre-requisite – from the farm up the chain.