An enhanced Sustainable Agriculture Development Program

An enhanced Sustainable Agriculture Development Program

An enhanced Sustainable Agriculture

As part of its holistic approach, FarmStrong Foundation promotes sustainable agriculture through its agricultural trainings and technical cooperation programs. 

FarmStrong Foundation designs, implements and monitors integrated agricultural & horticultural production systems optimising smallholder’s yield productivity.

Based on the recognised sustainable standards, best practice trainings are delivered through FarmStrong Foundation’s network of 20 agronomists and technicians.

The three Sustainable Agriculture Development Program Components

1 | Farm husbandry

Farm husbandry entails training on all the work that needs to be done on the land to achieve a:

healthy, disease-free, well-spaced, well-pruned (shoots & architecture), clean (sanitary measures), adequately shaded, well-ventilated, soil protected, water conservation-conscious managed farm.

It is a condition sine qua non which needs to be achieved before resource allocation in any other activity such as fertilization, investment in new planting material but also phyto-sanitary activities, preventive or curative, are considered.

2 | Farm Rehabilitation and Replanting

Farm rehabilitation and replanting programs encompass the development of a tree rotation plan and an understanding of the tree’s age profile. It also includes the careful choice of planting material with the most locally adapted genetic potential, withstanding the constraints of the specific area.

Finally incorporating shady trees, cover crops, reviewing tree spacing and density, intercropping, the introduction of additional crops are all opportunities discussed and considered with farmers.

3 | Farm Soil Health

Firstly, dedicated trainings on soil management cover erosion prevention measures, water conservation, aeration, organic matter content, and chemical soil composition topics.

Secondly, the program also addresses pest management issues, teaching how to identify pests and trees diseases.

Finally, FarmStrong Foundation agronomists, together with producers develop adequate soil health management plan.